5 Rules To Avoiding Scams

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

A lot of people get scammed, for a lot of money. To me, even a penny scam is too much.

Scams are the parasite of the information age and I hate them, before giving over details to anyone on your phone or computer use the rules.

The First Rule, Logos are important the big brands will not change there logo willy nilly.

If the logo looks funny check it against the official logo.

The second Rule, Website domains matter.

When browsing the web knowing the website you are on is paramount, the bar at the top will show you this. The first part of the bar is most important you should expect to see a padlock or http:// followed by the domain name, if this isn't the same as the site you think you're on leave. After the domain name is the usually ".com" and finally typically you will see a / or multiple / with the page you are on on the site.

The Third Rule, where is the request coming from?

Context is important if someone messages you on Facebook to say they are from Microsoft, the likely hood is they are lying. In contrast if you are on Microsoft's official website and click the forgotten your password section, you can expect they will ask for your email address.

The Fourth Rule, spelling grammar and formality (oh I won't be teaching it)

There are only one set of people who can't spell as well as me, that is the scammers (not all). Pay attention to how words are spelt and If the formality is appropriate for what is being said.

The Fith Rule, No legitimate company requires gift cards buying for payment.

Many scams run illegally and use gift cards to avoid tax along with other lawful eyes from seeing it.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope it was useful. If you did or didn't like it let me know in the comments!


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