Amazon Prime Day 2021!!!

Prime day is upon us and you probably wondering what the fuss is about. Well let me tell you, there are many fake sale-type pricetags around this time... But for the kine eyed you can still pick up some tech for a reduced price.

You Must Be a prime member for the deals... *whisper* but between me and you, you can just take a 30-day free trial order the deals you want then cancel before the 30 days are up hehe. Check out the trial here

I'm doing the legwork of finding the best deals, so you don't have to. Without further due, below are the deals I'm currently: Buying, Crying (because already brought), or drying my drool up over.

Prices as of writing current in black was in red, equivalent % drop in green.

Amazon's Own Devices


Device Accessories

Computer Upgrades & Accessories

SD Cards

Overlooked (Just TNA things)

If you have any questions about the devices or why I've put them on here feel free to contact me, more to be added but going to sleep now (5:24)

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