Get started, start producing, perfection later

It's easy to get bogged down in doing nothing.

It starts with an idea, most likely driven hard by your passion. Problem is most passion is crushed hard by the reality of the setup and day to day goings of building the dream. The sad truth is that the conception of the idea and deciding to start takes effort a lot of effort, buts its the tip of the iceberg.

The fate of most dreams is to be the same as titanic.

However, its not all doom and gloom. The double-edged sword that means most fail is also the reason success is possible, the sword, in this case, is you. You Are the sole common denominator in building your passion, it's up to you to drive production and to set the priories.

The most important task is the core income generating task, this may be doing photo shoots if your a photographer or selling products if your a shop. It's so important to see what the core moneymaker is early and act upon this to ensure that your production is kept high. This will drive early growth, which will keep you motivated to keep driving.

So if you take one thing from this, make sure you are driving production before anything else.

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