How To Invest In Stocks From Your Phone

This is not and should not be considered advice on what investments or asset/s to purchase. This instead is a simple guide on how to use the specific investment platform I use.

Okay so what is an investment platform? It's simply a way to purchase stocks or other assets. Where as before you might have to be at the stock exchange or in contact with a company, now you can use a platform.

Why would you purchase stocks? Lets say you purchased a share in x company, some companies pay dividends which is essentially paying the investors an amount of money based on there share. Additionally and the most common reason is because companies perceived or actual value fluctuates, meaning a share can be purchases at y price which in the future can be sold for more.

You can and will lose money, come up with a strategy and stick to it. Correct the strategy as you review, but most importantly distance emotions from decisions. If your emotional, put it down and come back to the market with a level head. Always remember when your feeling unstoppable and confident, that when your most susceptible to tripping over.

What platform do I use? Trading 212 (Using the link will give us both a small amount of shares, after you have made an account and deposited the smallest amount of £1)

Account type (CFD, Invest, Invest isa)

When making your account you will see and option asking you which account type you want, you can select all or just one. It's best to read up and understand the differences, but as a basic guild an invest account will allow you to purchase stocks in a straight forward manor. A CFD account is a bit more complicated with more layers of investment tools, leveraged investing and more including the option to short sell stocks. For simple investing it's best to go with an invest account or invest isa account, depending on your individual situation.

How to learn? There is a practice mode which will give you the opportunity to learn and understand how to work the interface. This mode gives you real market fluctuations and events with a big fake bank account to trade without real money pressures.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope it was useful. If you did or didn't like it let me know in the comments!


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