Things you can do NOW to speed up your PC

We all want to spend our time doing the most important things, we don't want to spend waiting for our computer to load the various things we do day to day. When I look at clients computers, 90% of the time they are running slow because of simple things which could be compared to driving a car with cylinders not firing. Obvious when you have seen it before and easy to solve with some maintenance.

Check for updates

Not only is updating required to keep your PC secured, it's also a good way to keep drivers up to date.

Removing unused programs

Often manufactures put programs on there computers, which are refereed to as bulk ware. They are on there for convenience and mostly are on there because the software owners payed for it to be left on. The thing they all have in common is they have a potential to slow the computer down.

Changing start-up programs

Having programs starting with the computer increases the start-up time, simple as it sounds some people don't realise you can manually stop programs from loading.

Ensuring cooling in sufficient

Cooling is important, this is especially a problem in laptops as often they are compacted in such a way that maybe one fan or in some cases no fans are used for cooling the CPU. This limits the clock speed when the processer gets warm, which will happen in seconds of putting the computer under load.

For computers this means replacing fans or adding them or changing to liquid cooling. As for laptops this means using a cooling stand.

Running less programs at once

This ties in with ensuring less programs on starting up with this computer, but it's also a habit often to start programs as a part of the routine. Or have finished using them but haven't shut them down yet, this causes the memory to be pre allocated and unable to be used for other programs.

So there are some fairly easy ways to quickly improve your computer performance, all of them accessible to anyone with 2 minutes to spare.

For any help with anything mentioned above or anything else I.T. related you can contact me for advice or remote support.

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